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December 14th, 2010

Psychoanalyze This

Posted by kwildermuth in

The “return of the repressed” phrase Woods is referring to is the “monster.”  The repressed material can be represented as in jokes and dreams.  The monster is used as the foundation in horror films.  Mainly in American horror films.   The monster is used to scare, excite, thrill and bring pleasure to the audience.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween are two horror films that are similar regarding this “monster” technique.  They’re presented differently in terms of style, although are linked to the same fantasy, threatening order.

The “return of the repressed” reveals what horror films are all about.  it represents the sexuality and torture we see on the screen.   Our culture in real time offers an extreme example of surplus repressiveness. It’s the development for our self control, memory processes, and consideration for other people.  It makes us into monogamous heterosexual, patriarchal capitalists. 

In Woods article, we learn that American Horror films are all about this return.  This is because of popularity, our dreams and nightmares.  Horror films are the most popular forms of genres.   They make the most money and the majority of them are simply ignored and dismissed based on content.  Most often times the audience turns off the “switch” in their mind, when placing themself in an outrageous, fantasy position. Horror films are merely entertainment. Woods believes by definition – we don’t take these films seriously or think much about them.  They are in fact, “collective nightmares.” The monster is more human than we know. This makes Horror films very relatable.

There is a lot of sexuality and gender recognition in the film Halloween. Wood takes a close look at this film and happens to think its cunning to the extreme. Halloween is a horror film about the killer, Michael Myers, who is after the female, Laurie. He’s willing to kill anyone to get closer to her.  He’s attracted to her sexuality and he relates himself to the child in the film. (The young boy she is babysitting). The movie leaves suspense and we don’t know who will be killed next. Halloween exudes panic, pleasure and terror. Woods article describes the psychoanalysis of the monsters mind.

Woods ideas represent the film Halloween so perfectly because there is the female victim, the monster, and sexuality used in the film. Sexuality is most often times linked to the character who is about to die.

A horror film that isn’t as obvious would be the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. Although there is some use of sexuality in this film.  The majority of horror films can relate to Woods article. It would be difficult for a horror film to sustain itself without the leading lady, or the “monster.”

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