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November 22nd, 2010

Critiquing Theory

Posted by kwildermuth in

I enjoyed reading the article, “Lights, Camera, Action. Marxism, Semiotics, Narratology.” It discusses the fustrations a student has when not understanding material in class.  I agree, “big,tough” words are used when reading and it’s the students job to break it down into useful information. Which may take time, but you need patience and an open mind.  Film theory is interesting and theorist’s mention ideas to make students think.  This article shows how passionate film theorists are about their work.  I agree with David Weddle. Theoretical essays and stories are the nuts and bults of moviemaking.  For us Media Studies students, we must know the past about films and how they shape the film world today. (including how it affects the world we live in!) I also agree with Weddle about film being an open and wide field.  The possibilities of film are endless. UCSB is an amazing school for students to learn about film theory. Professors hope for their students to produce work in the industry that reflects what they’ve learned at UCSB. Film theory’s purpose is to make students think, whether agreeing or disagreeing.  It’s philosophy, a personal feeling, a development of the mind – to create a better world. 

My only concern for studying Film Theory this semester is to not be sucked into the mind-set of evil corporations. I had a conversation with a customer at my job last week about war, soldiers and the media.  I would discribe his views similar to the one mentioned in this article. This man saw corporate Hollywood as corporate evil that crushed the spirits and minds of others.  ‘A rationalization for failure.’  How the media has taken over the world and we are useless human beings who have no discussion in the matter. There are good and bad in terms of how the media functions.  I hope to read the articles for this semester and have them open my mind and not crush my dreams because of others point of view. I believe everyone has a different approach in discussing film because of their real life experiences. Film is different through the minds of others. I hope the articles we discuss provide meaning and different approaches to watching film. I have tremendous respect to analysts, theorists who take their time to break down the nitty-gritty of what we all enjoy watching on the screen.

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